Der wahrscheinlich weltbeste Korrosionsschutz!

Technical sprays

Cleaning spray LZ Degreaser

  • Softens oil and grease deposits so that they are easy to remove.
  • Is suitable for casting, gluing and painting or as a pretreatment for zinc flake coating.
  • Also suitable for cleaning painting tools.
  • Not for the treatment of painted surfaces, rubber and insulating parts.
  • Extra strong: best suited as brake cleaner!

Multifunction spray LZ Multispray

  • Solves screws, bolts, joints and much more.
  • Reduces moisture, protects against corrosion and ensures unimpeded electrical current flow.
  • Is distinguished by its pleasant smell and without the usual harmful additives.

LENNEZINK Hitzefest 650

  • Heat-resistant lacquer from the aerosol can in black and silver for burning-up when baked at 650°C

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