Der wahrscheinlich weltbeste Korrosionsschutz!

Zinc flake coating LZ 2 Silver

... Probably the world's best corrosion protection!

  • For industrial serial production in the low temperature range
  • With the strong achievements such as SSB to 1,440 h SST
  • Processing in the spray (eg rack) and immersion technique (screws, nuts, washers etc.)
  • Air drying and / or accelerated drying at 80 °C. to 100 °C., also allows the coating of temperature-sensitive components.
  • High power with a thin layer LZ 2 was tested by the Automotivbranche, with full confirmation of our performance data.
  • We are at the customer's disposal for application engineering up to the establishment of serial production.
  • After training the employees, our customers can obtain the product license-free.
  • Material in buckets

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