... weltbester Korrosionsschutz!

Zinc-Flake Coat LZ 2-SP Silver

... Probably the world's best corrosion protection!

  • LZ 2-SP is ready to use for processing with the cup spray gun.
  • The handy 500 g can enables comfortable stirring of the material which is set to approx. 30 sec (viscosity). The highly reactive properties of zinc-flake coat result in high cathodic corrosion protection.
  • is air-drying, can also be dried accelerated at 80 - 100 °C.
  • is lead-, cadmium and chromium-free.
  • is weldable because of its electrical conductivity.
  • no binder burns as in a normal zinc dust primer.
  • temperature resistant up to 450 °C.
  • paintable with almost all vanishes.

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