Der wahrscheinlich weltbeste Korrosionsschutz!

Topcoat spray LZ 23

... for everything should slide.

  • The Topcoat LZ 23 topcoating ensures the appropriate friction coefficient of your surface coated with our zinc lamella system.    
  • For exchange spin and spray coating also available in large containers.    
  • Among other things for screw connections in the wind power industry devised LZ 23 guarantees a slippery surface.    
  • Fast drying (6 minutes) and has excellent adhesion on the most diverse substrates.    
  • LZ 23 to, for example, LZ 2 permits a salt spray resistance of more than 1500 h.

LZ 23 is available in matt black. Blue, red, green and yellow with minimum acceptance quantities.  

  • LZ 23 is also available as spray can LZ 22.    
  • The use of this coating spray is recommended for machine, steel, container and hall construction, coating and restoration of forgings and garden doors as well as for seat rails and door hinge of vehicles.

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