... weltbester Korrosionsschutz!

What means zinc flakes coating?

Zinc flake coatings are non- electrolytically applied coatings , which offer good corrosion protection.

These coatings consist of a mixture of zinc and aluminum flakes which are connected by an inorganic binder.

LZ 3000 silver is such an inorganic zinc flake spray.

The origin of the zinc flakes

There electrolytically galvanized surfaces provide little protection against corrosion and also zinc electroplating layers of high-strength steel (for example high-strength with strength class 10.9 and 12.9 bolts for wind power , etc.) can become brittle, the industry needed a better corrosion protection system.

In the 70s, a new coating system was developed in the US , but also in Japan and other nations: the zinc flake coatings . Through a small layer thickness of this system showed a high corrosion protection, enabling the prevention of hydrogen embrittlement. The advantages resulted as a general use in the automotive industry as well as for wind energy.

Properties of zinc flake coatings

In addition to the galvanizing zinc flake coatings provide cathodic protection called. The layer "sacrifices" itself to protect the base metal. Steel can be protected, for example with zinc flake spray.

The layer thicknesses are 5 microns to 15 microns, which can be achieved with the spray can in a simple cloister. The properties of LZ 3000 silver guarantee generally required process safety. Unlike conventional industrial coatings or common zinc coatings in organic binders, corrosion does not spread under the coating.

When the salt spray test result zinc flake layers 480 hours without red rust (rr). It is also possible 720 or 1500 h without rr to achieve the salt spray test, with or without subsequent treatment. This results in the salt spray test, better corrosion protection than a typical galvanic zinc-coating, which can reach only 96 to 200 hours in salt spray test.

In addition to corrosion protection, for example, provides the zinc flake spray LZ 3000 silver temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, weldability, coatability and good chemical resistance (for example, to cleaning agents, fuels, coolants, oils).

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